Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When Did This Happen?

Seriously, wasn't Fuss just a baby yesterday!? Tonight I just spent, at least, 5 minutes explaining to her why we don't unroll the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper when we potty. I have tried the "don't do it" thing, but that did not work. So, tonight, I reminded her of the "Love the Earth" DVD with Elmo that we own. She has watched it a million times. I told her to remember Elmo wasting water down the drain. She said she remembered. I took it 1 step further, drawing on the "Lorax" for inspiration here: Toilet paper is made from trees and unless you want all the trees to go away, we don't waste toilet paper. Do you want trees to go away? (No.) Okay. Then please only use a little bit and don't waste. (Okay, Mama)


That worked?

I guess we'll have to wait and see for sure, but I was really amazed at how much of it she understood.

I really want to know when my baby turned into a bright little GIRL! It was probably those same aliens that stole my baby and replaced her with a tantrum-throwing toddler. I think they enhanced her and sent her back again. lol. Of course, we all know the tantrums are going to last another year at least, so not sure what kind of prank the aliens are pulling on me.

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