Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Post! The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Toddler

I happened across this site today called The Inklings of Life and as I was scrolling through skimming the page, I saw The Most Important Thing You can Teach Your Toddler. I read the story about her 2-year-old getting lost in a store (heart attack for any parent!) It has a happy ending, don't worry. ;)

This article got me thinking, though, about the things we teach our toddlers. There are obvious things: ABC's and 123's, first names, ages. But what about the not-so-obvious things? Things like last names and, maybe more importantly, names of those who care for them. My MIL started teaching Fuss my name as well as Hubby's before we did. I think that was mainly because she calls Hubby by his first name as she does me. One day, Fuss just asked who "Michael" and "Tara" were. Now she knows our names very well and if asked she will tell you. She also knows the names of MIL, FIL, my Mom and Step-Dad. She gets a little confused now and then, but has it pretty well down-pat. I think, though, in addition to teaching names, a toddler also needs to know WHAT to do if they are lost.

I actually told Fuss that if she ever loses Mommy or Daddy in the store that she is to find a grown up and ask for help. I always tell her if she is lost she needs to tell someone, "I have lost my Mommy and Daddy. Please help me." Oddly enough, I had the occasion to test this out in Target one evening. She happened to be dragging behind and I slipped around the corner before she noticed. I listened and I hear, "Oh no! I've lost my Mommy! Please help me!" (I actually chuckled when I heard this, but it made me proud at the same time.) At that point, I peeked around the corner and she ran to me. She then says, "Mommy, I thought I lost you! I'm glad you're back!" I then received a HUGE hug!

It only takes a little bit of repetition to teach them things like names. And, generally, if they start calling you by your first name and get no response (or a "Who?") they quickly correct themselves to Mommy or Daddy. I am really glad Fuss knows our names and knows what to do if she gets lost. Fingers crossed we never have to actually go through the motions of finding out how effective it is.

The only other thing I am trying to slowly teach that could help in the future is 9-1-1. We are not practicing it and she doesn't fully understand the idea of an "emergency" but I know she will get there.

Do you teach your kids your real names and the names of those who care for them on a regular basis? Why or why not?

Friday, February 22, 2013

I have a NEW #Affiliate Link! #CareerStep

I have a lot of people asking me about my Medical Transcription School. I went through Career Step via my local vocational school. The best part? I had a grant! The program is VERY extensive including several thousands ACTUAL TRANSCRIPTIONS from REAL doctors! Yeah, I know the "thousands" sounds really intimidating, but it's not that bad. Most of the transcriptions are around 1 minute or so in length, so it goes rather quickly. Now, the proofreading part of the process was not fun, but it was worth it.

I seriously recommend Career Step and actually plan on using them if I decide to do Medical Coding as well. I think my favorite part about the program is the post-graduate services. I have had help with creating a resume as well as a list of employers willing to hire CS graduates! They literally provided everything I needed to get started and be able to work immediately after graduation!

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to regarding their school and online training program.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As many of you know, I have been dealing with preparing a DNR for my Mamaw. As of Friday, it is signed. The social worker at the nursing home was amazing! She and I have a relationship anyway since Mamaw has been in the home for such a long period of time (over 5 years). The SW and I went over all the paperwork together including what exactly we wanted for Mamaw's end-of-life care. Per doctor's recommendation, we added comfort measures to her paperwork. This simply means that we will continue to give her the medication needed for her to maintain her current level of care. If she gets an infection, she will be given antibiotics. If she gets dehydrated, she will be given an IV. The biggest thing is that if she has a heart attack or something like that, they now don't have to send her to the hospital. She can just stay at the nursing home and pass away peacefully.

I'm not necessarily ready for this part. She raised me from the time I was 4 years old. She raised my mother. We have an amazing and unusual bond with Mamaw. Unfortunately, Mom and I also have a rift between the two of us because of that bond with Mamaw. It is not something I'm going to get into now, but may in the future. Mom and I have really worked hard to get over our issues and I know I will need her more than ever for support when Mamaw does pass away.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sorry...Emotional Right Now

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. I am having a very emotionally stressful time lately with my Great-Grandmother. As a family, we have had to make the decision to put "Mamaw" under a DNR order at the nursing home. Granted, she is 93 and could even have another year left, it is still VERY hard knowing that I will be the one to sign the papers. I know this is the best decision, but it is emotionally draining to even think about it.

Mamaw raised me from the time I was 4 years old. She is like my mother. Watching her slowly slip away and end up being more gone than here has been hard. I can't bear to have her suffering. And I know that she isn't able to undergo any aggressive treatments or even some less aggressive ones. She had a mild heart attack 2 weeks ago and the doctors wanted to do a catheterization to check for damage. At 93, 5'6", and 100 pounds she is WAY too weak for anything like that. Her regular doctor suggested "comfort measures" should anything else happen. My family and I are in agreement.

Doesn't make it any easier though.