Monday, August 27, 2012

#MMM All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Welcome back to Manic Mommy Monday!

The only thing I have to report today is work. Last week I was swamped with transcripts. Today, I am swamped, so not much time for anything else today. Heather and I are still working on a new button and posting for MMM.

Fuss is continuing to grow and get into mischief. I swear, the 2's are going to kill me. These tantrums are absolutely ridiculous! We were at Target yesterday and I actually had to threaten to run her over with the cart before she would get up off the floor and quit kicking. She still kept crying though.Of course, going to Target with a semi-tired 2-year-old isn't necessarily the brightest idea. However, I did manage to snag one of the remaining Sony Blu-Ray players for only $9.79 since they were on sale for $79.99 and I  had $75 worth of gift cards. (Thanks Dad and Step-Mom!)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Winner for Flufftastic Summer Celebration...



 Congratulations, Beth!

The winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.

Thanks to all who entered!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

#MMM The Reboot!

Big announcement today, Manic Mommies! Heather from 2 Sleeping Babies and I will be taking over the hosting duties of Manic Mommy Monday for Lori (The Gnome's Mom) due to the insanity and stress she has been dealing with recently. Besides, right now she has little internet access, so it just makes sense to take a step back and ask for some help. :) I love her and seriously hope all of this craziness comes to an end quickly so life can get back to normal for them. That being said, over the next couple weeks, we'll be rolling out the new format for MMM and we will have a new button for the blogs to display! If you would like to link up just head HERE and add yourself to the linky!

As for us, we had a wonderful weekend! I mentioned last week that we would be headed to Cass Scenic Railroad on Saturday to take Fuss (and myself) on a ride on a real steam locomotive! Hubby and I decided to take the dinner train since it had dinner, obviously, as well as a live bluegrass band. We left home around 11 a.m. to make a 2.5-hour drive into the mountains. It was a good thing we left early as the GPS decided to take us around the mountain! Honestly, when your GPS actually says, "Take left on Road" you know you're out in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, we decided NOT to trust the GPS and figured out our own way there. We actually were only a few miles from where we needed to be, but for some reason the GPS decided we needed to take the service road down the mountain instead of the main road. We had no cell reception all day because the Greenbank Radio Observatory is located in the same county and there are no cell towers in the ENTIRE COUNTY!!! So, we set the phones to airplane mode and enjoyed the day cell-free. Fuss had a blast too. We explored the general store, the museum, the remains of the old saw mill (which will hopefully be restored for tours soon), and the locomotive repair shop in addition to the train ride at the end of the day. The only thing Fuss didn't like was the loudness of the whistle. And Mommy and Daddy forgot earplugs. Once we were up the mountain, we stopped for dinner and the bluegrass band Appalachian Outback. Fuss had fun dancing while we ate dinner - a great smoked beef brisket with beans, cornbread, salad, mac'n'cheese, and cake! We will definitely be going back to do the 4-hour ride to the top of Bald Knob in the future!

My cousins came to visit from Indiana. We went to church Sunday morning and had a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel while we talked. It was so much fun being able to spend time with them! Fuss was talking about them during her bath Sunday evening and how they were going home soon. She apparently loved the playtime she had with them as much as I enjoyed just having someone of like mind to chat with. Hopefully, we will get to see each other more often in the future.

This week starts school for most kids, but Fuss is still too young. Princess does, however, start school this year! That girl is going to give her teachers a run for their money for sure! LOL. After Sept. 4 Fuss will also be going to "daycare" 3 days a week instead of 2 and 1 day with Grandmommy. It will be a change but I think she will enjoy playing with the other 3 girls her age. As I mentioned here, Fuss has been going to a sitter on the days Daddy works. At least the sitter is my next door neighbor, so I know her well and know Fuss is taken care of. I do still feel guilty about sending her away, but I think she will really enjoy the social interaction she will have soon. She has really enjoyed the little boy that my neighbor has a few days a week as well. Fuss has even started wanting a bike so she can ride bikes with him.

That's it for today, but tune in next week for our next installment!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guess I'm "Big League" Now

I finally had my first spam comment on yesterday's post. I get a few spam emails now-and-then on the CbtD email, but nothing constant. But I guess since I have finally gotten a spam comment, that makes me "legit" now! LOL. And to think, it was about final expense insurance. ;)

Monday, August 13, 2012

#MMM Funerals and Bees

Manic Mommy Monday!

I'm joining in on a blog hop with The Gnome's Mom to share a little bit about the life I lead here. The Gnome's Mom is one of my favorite blogs to read and follow on a regular basis as well. If you're a blogger and would like to link up, feel free! And add us on Twitter with the hashtag #MMM

Last week we had an unplanned trip to Atlanta for a funeral. Hubby's uncle passed away after only 2 weeks' diagnosis with colon cancer. This particular uncle called me "Little Bite Me". I met him when I was 19 (shortly after starting to date hubby) and I was still a little, shall we say, "spunky"! lol. He was teasing me at breakfast because I didn't eat very much, so I told him to "Bite me". *blush* He thought it was hilarious (after getting over the initial shock) and called me that affectionately thereafter. He even threatened to videotape my wedding and put "Little Bite Me's Wedding" as the title on it! LOL. He was a great person and will be very much missed. I heard a random song bird the night before we left for Atlanta to go to his funeral. It made me wonder because it was 10 p.m. Then I thought, must be Uncle Skip coming to say hi.

For the rest of the Manic Days, Fuss just got her first bee sting today. From a yellow jacket. We have also had a mystery rash on her hands and feet with complaints of her "feet and mouth hurts". No fever and no blisters, so I'm not exactly sure it's hand-foot-and-mouth disease, but only a few more days' wait will tell us for sure. Today, my main concern is watching Fuss to make sure she isn't going to have a reaction to the bee sting.

I also have my first check on the way to me for my "real" job. I am still enjoying it, and the flexibility is great (3 days off for the funeral with no backlash). I will eventually get into a rhythm with this job and be able to figure out how things fit in different slots. Eventually.

Oh! And we are going to Cass Scenic Railroad this weekend for the 2-hour train ride and dinner on the mountain! I can't wait! Fuss loves trains and I just know she'll have a blast!

Until next time!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flufftastic Summer Celebration is LIVE!

Flufftastic Summer Celebration is hosted by Mama on a Green Mission or Eco Baby Mama Drama. The Grand Prize is sponsored by Lotus Bumz, Rinse Hopper, 7 A.M. Enfant, BabyLegs, Wooly Rounds and Mama on a Green Mission and is valued at over $400.  This grand prize package is a great start for anyone or a great addition to the cloth diapering addict’s stash!


As promised, we have a great group of bloggers here to help you get your fluffy fix this summer. Whether you are looking for diapers, creams, or wool, there is a little bit of everything within these prize packages! I was lucky enough to be able to team up with Melissa from Melissa Kittle's Knits for Littles to offer you a $30 store credit good toward anything in her Etsy Shop!

Fuss actually has this awesome little snake made by Melissa! It is about 3 feet long and SOOOOO soft! Fuss literally chases us around the house with it going "Sssssssssss!" The best part? The snake is 100% washable! It will felt, but that will only make it more durable in the long run. The eyes are hand-sewn pieces of felt. I do not have any woolies made by Melissa yet, but if the quality is anything like the snake toy, then there is nothing to worry about there either. She is easy to work with and will do custom orders and colors as well.

On to the giveaway portion of our show...Melissa has kindly agreed to do a $30 store credit to her Etsy shop for this event. Please be sure to show her some love on her Facebook page. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Also, don't forget to head over to Mama on a Green Mission for your chance to win over $400 worth of Fluffy Goodness from Lotus Bumz!

Below, is the list of participating bloggers, so be sure to hit all these great blogs for more chances to WIN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, August 6, 2012

Flufftastic Summer Celebration, Aug 10-24!!

Here we go! I haven't done a giveaway in a while and this is a great one! Mama on a Green Mission and Eco Baby Mama Drama are hosting this fabulous blog hop! I am really excited about this event! There are almost 30 blogs participating in this event...just think of all that fluff!!

So, I haven't decided my prize yet, but I promise it will be great!

If you could pick anything to have as your own prize, what would you pick? Leave me a comment and let me just might get your wish!