Friday, August 1, 2014

Daddy Scrubs Review and Giveaway

I have worked with Daddy Scrubs several times in the past and I love their products!  They were gracious enough to send a pair of the Daddy Scrubs to review for this event. They come as pictured below, packaged and pressed neatly. Naturally, I washed them right away and threw them in the hospital bag so they would be ready when my Little Guy was ready. 

The Scrubs, according to Hubby are quite comfortable and he can even continue to wear them as lounge wear or pajamas now that Baby has arrived.  He was not, however, allowed to wear them for delivery as we had another C-section and our hospital wouldn't allow it. Since Hubby didn't stay at the hospital he also didn't get to wear them while we were there.
 The thing I love about these Scrubs is that we are able to just toss them in the washer and dryer no problem.  I definitely suggest washing a couple times to get the "new clothes" stiffness out of them, though. Aside from that, the scrubs are a wonderful addition to Daddy's portion of the "go bag" and are a high-quality item to boot! 

Of course, they have the signature "I'm the Daddy" logo across the back (see below) to let everyone know who the new Dad is! These are great for that first-time dad who is gonna be staying a couple days at the hospital with Mama - great for sleeping in - and a great way to brag about being a new dad! 
The scrubs come in navy, green, and khaki and in sizes up to 5XL. There are also 2 choices of lettering "classic" block and "edgy" as seen here. Hubby has actually requested I purchase him a second pair in his current size to use as pajamas for when we go on trips.

The craftsmanship on these scrubs is wonderful, everything I have come to expect from Daddy Scrubs/Daddy & Company products. Even after several months of wear, they are still in great shape!

To say thank you to Kennady, I'd love for you to visit Daddy & Company and tell me your favorite product that they carry. Also, please "like" their Facebook page, follow Daddy Nickell on Twitter and on Pinterest, and check out the YouTube channel.

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