Monday, October 29, 2012

#MMM What a Great Weekend!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support this week. It helped tremendously.

Now, on to the fun stuff...Fuss had her first "Halloween party" at the library's Mother Goose hour. She dressed up as Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (pics to come later). Hubby took her and she went "trick-or-treating" around the library. :)

Friday evening was pretty boring. You know, aside from the tantrums and meltdowns that are standard fare for a 2-year-old.

Saturday was the best day, though! Fuss carved her first pumpkin! She also drew a "face" on one. She HATED the way the insides of the pumpkin felt and refused to touch it after she realized it was icky.

We also cooked dinner at my MIL's house (where we carved the pumpkins) and it was delicious! We made flat iron steak with this recipe. Since it was raining, Hubby broiled the steak instead of putting it on the grill, but it turned out amazing! We had salad, potatoes, peas, and pumpkin roll for dessert. The pumpkin roll was store bought, but it still tasted really great. My MIL even asked for the recipe! I think, though, that next time I will use tomato sauce or tomato juice instead of tomato paste to keep from having to strain so much of it. That part was a pain in the butt.

The one bad thing? Beast decided to EAT one of the pumpkins! I think it made him sick because he wanted out at 1 a.m. and again at 7 a.m. Usually once he is in his kennel for the night around 10, he stays there till 7 or 8 a.m. Serves him right for eating random things. (He ate 1/2 yard of a blanket once just before Christmas.)

Now, we are preparing ourselves for the "Frankenstorm" that is supposed to hit us with a few inches of snow and some seriously high winds. I can only hope we aren't out of power for a week like we were in July. And I hope that the people on the coast and up North don't get hit too badly either. Fingers are crossed that the weather forecasters are wrong on this one.

Monday, October 22, 2012

#MMM Blighted Ovum

It is with a heavy heart that I write today's Manic Monday post. I am supposed to be 11 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. Unfortunately, after spotting all weekend, I went to the doctor today to discover a blighted ovum. There is a sac, but no baby. The sac even stopped growing at 7 weeks, 6 days. I  have already gone through my crying period this morning. Hubby and I talked about it a lot today and we plan to try again soon. I think we are going to leave how soon up to a Higher Power to decide when it is time. My only hope is that it doesn't take us a year like it did after my first miscarriage to conceive Fuss. I was/am devastated by this loss. However, I know that there was nothing that I did or didn't do (or that Hubby did/didn't do) that caused this. It happened and life moves on. Honestly, I think the hardest part is telling the family. They were all so happy for us and now they are saddened along with us as well.

I am still planning on helping out with the event in April/May (when I would have been due), but in a different way. I am still working on the planning of that part, but will let you all know when it works out. Until then just keep us in your thoughts over the next few days. This is going to be a tough week.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

#MMM Family Fun

This weekend we had a blast! I completely overdid it, but it was so worth it! Friday, Hubby and I were cleaning up and we managed to move all of our stuff out of one storage building into another (larger - and cheaper) one. It only took us about 2 hours since we didn't have much there, but after that we went out to dinner with the In-Laws since they had watched Fuss for us. Actually, that part was funny. We went to MIL's house to borrow FIL's trailer and Fuss refused to go with us! She asked to stay at their house. :) Of course, "Grandmommy" said to let her stay. That made the packing and unpacking really easy too.

Saturday, we went to Pittsburgh to visit a couple of friends and go to a pumpkin farm with them. The pumpkin farm was awesome! We were literally there ALL DAY. Fuss went down slides and saw chickens and goats. She even got to play with an old-fashioned water pump. The weather was beautiful too! Fuss led my friend and I through the corn maze and we were only the 2nd group of people out! Guess my little girl has a great sense of direction! The whole day, she kept asking to ride the horsies. So, of course, we had to do that. She ended up with the stubborn one that the boy couldn't control, but other than that it was good. She was absolutely worn out after that. Of course, she also kept waking up all night and was up 3/4 of the night before, so that probably helped the exhaustion. Fuss even picked out 2 small pumpkins while we were there that we are going to carve and/or paint for Halloween later this week. After the pumpkin farm, we went to our friends' house and had dinner (baked ziti! YUM!!!) We finally made it home around 10:30 after leaving the house at 8 a.m. Fuss passed out in the car, so she slept in her clothes. The best part? She got up at 5, I told her to go back to sleep and she did. She woke up at 7. Same thing. She finally got up for the day at 9:30!

That brings us to Sunday. My Mom texted me and asked if I was busy. I said no, but I was resting because I overdid it the last 2 days. So, she came over with my nephew for a mini play date with his cousin. Fuss and Little Man had such a good time! She made me laugh after they left though because she goes, "Mommy, he likes to play with my doll house." And she was so excited by that fact that it tickled me! Plus, my brother would absolutely FLIP out if he heard her say that too! LOL.

As of now, Fuss has gone to bed at 8:30 p.m. this evening leaving me to do as I will. However, since I have a partially dehydration, partially hormonal-related headache, I am going to bed early myself. I can't take anything for my headache except Tylenol right now. :-/ And I have almost 200 transcriptions to get done tomorrow, so I'm posting my MMM early this week.

#Sponsors for the Blog Event in April and May!

I have been working hard getting some sponsors lined up. I keep contacting new sponsors daily and I have a few lined up right now. I am teaming up with Life With My Littles for a HUGE blog event throughout April and May! She has over 20 sponsors lined up. You can see a list of her sponsors on this post.

So far, I have confirmed the following sponsors:

KT's Cloth Diapers
Daddy Scrubs
Happy Baby Company
Melissa Kittle's Knits for Littles
Mother Natural

The event will be scheduled as a blog hop and we will have the linky up and running shortly for blogger sign-ups.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I finally managed to link up to the Google+ page for my blog! Yay! Now, let's hope it continues to work the way I hope it does...

Monday, October 8, 2012

#MMM Exhaustion

Here we are again, Monday. I have been so exhausted that I can barely function the last few weeks. However I have gotten a couple sponsors for reviews/giveaways in the near future! One will be just before Christmas for Daddy Scrubs Daddy Day Pack. This diaper bag looks awesome! I also have one for Cleava. ;)

We are starting to prepare for our holiday insanity. First we have, Halloween where we have a couple friends and their kids come over for dinner and Trick-or-Treating. Then Thanksgiving when we visit my Dad. And, lastly, Christmas. This year with my little sister newly out-of-state, step-dad working out-of-state, and my BIL visiting us from Cali, Christmas is going to be INSANE! But it will be a lot of fun too. I'm just not sure if I can keep up with it all.

Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done? I have a few gifts, but not anywhere near finished! I'm really trying not to go overboard this year.

Monday, October 1, 2012

#MMM Always Manic

Today, I had 140 transcriptions to get done before close of business central time. Sucked, but I got it done. I even had a little time to spare! However, I did take a quick nap in the midst of all that work because I couldn't hold my eyes open. Especially after Fuss didn't go to bed early, but got up early!

This evening we went to the mall to look for Halloween costumes. Complete. Fail. Seriously, Fuss didn't even want to look at them. The one she HAD said she liked a couple weeks ago, she now hates and yelled that she didn't want it when I went to buy it. If this keeps up, she's going to be dressed in plain clothes for Halloween because I really don't care.

We also went to Toys 'R' Us. I was going to put a few things on layaway for Fuss for Christmas. One was a game for her LeapPad. No big. Doesn't matter if she "wants" it or not, she will play it and enjoy it because it has dogs. lol. I was also going to put a baby doll crib/stroller/pack'n'play set-type thing. She said she didn't like it. Well, F**k. Now what? Do I get the stuff anyway and hope she likes it by Christmas or just say the heck with it? She did, however, find an Ariel doll that she wants. So, that will be purchased. I have a set of Princess wall stickers for her already that I found at Walgreen's. Welcome to the Princess Stage. *sigh*

I am also thinking about a new(er) car. Not sure what to go for though. I don't want a huge payment, but I don't want a P.O.S. car either. Hubby and I are debating which one of us will have our vehicle die first. That is going to determine for sure who gets a new(er) one first. lol. In all honesty, though, we really want a new house. We need more room. It's just that finding something within our price range with what we want is a little trickier than we had hoped. I think we can manage (and probably drive ourselves nuts) for another year, but after that just not sure what will work.

P.S. Not sure what I did wrong with the code this week. Can't get it to show up to give each person their own linky. I apologize for that!