Monday, October 8, 2012

#MMM Exhaustion

Here we are again, Monday. I have been so exhausted that I can barely function the last few weeks. However I have gotten a couple sponsors for reviews/giveaways in the near future! One will be just before Christmas for Daddy Scrubs Daddy Day Pack. This diaper bag looks awesome! I also have one for Cleava. ;)

We are starting to prepare for our holiday insanity. First we have, Halloween where we have a couple friends and their kids come over for dinner and Trick-or-Treating. Then Thanksgiving when we visit my Dad. And, lastly, Christmas. This year with my little sister newly out-of-state, step-dad working out-of-state, and my BIL visiting us from Cali, Christmas is going to be INSANE! But it will be a lot of fun too. I'm just not sure if I can keep up with it all.

Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done? I have a few gifts, but not anywhere near finished! I'm really trying not to go overboard this year.

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