Monday, October 1, 2012

#MMM Always Manic

Today, I had 140 transcriptions to get done before close of business central time. Sucked, but I got it done. I even had a little time to spare! However, I did take a quick nap in the midst of all that work because I couldn't hold my eyes open. Especially after Fuss didn't go to bed early, but got up early!

This evening we went to the mall to look for Halloween costumes. Complete. Fail. Seriously, Fuss didn't even want to look at them. The one she HAD said she liked a couple weeks ago, she now hates and yelled that she didn't want it when I went to buy it. If this keeps up, she's going to be dressed in plain clothes for Halloween because I really don't care.

We also went to Toys 'R' Us. I was going to put a few things on layaway for Fuss for Christmas. One was a game for her LeapPad. No big. Doesn't matter if she "wants" it or not, she will play it and enjoy it because it has dogs. lol. I was also going to put a baby doll crib/stroller/pack'n'play set-type thing. She said she didn't like it. Well, F**k. Now what? Do I get the stuff anyway and hope she likes it by Christmas or just say the heck with it? She did, however, find an Ariel doll that she wants. So, that will be purchased. I have a set of Princess wall stickers for her already that I found at Walgreen's. Welcome to the Princess Stage. *sigh*

I am also thinking about a new(er) car. Not sure what to go for though. I don't want a huge payment, but I don't want a P.O.S. car either. Hubby and I are debating which one of us will have our vehicle die first. That is going to determine for sure who gets a new(er) one first. lol. In all honesty, though, we really want a new house. We need more room. It's just that finding something within our price range with what we want is a little trickier than we had hoped. I think we can manage (and probably drive ourselves nuts) for another year, but after that just not sure what will work.

P.S. Not sure what I did wrong with the code this week. Can't get it to show up to give each person their own linky. I apologize for that!

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