Friday, February 22, 2013

I have a NEW #Affiliate Link! #CareerStep

I have a lot of people asking me about my Medical Transcription School. I went through Career Step via my local vocational school. The best part? I had a grant! The program is VERY extensive including several thousands ACTUAL TRANSCRIPTIONS from REAL doctors! Yeah, I know the "thousands" sounds really intimidating, but it's not that bad. Most of the transcriptions are around 1 minute or so in length, so it goes rather quickly. Now, the proofreading part of the process was not fun, but it was worth it.

I seriously recommend Career Step and actually plan on using them if I decide to do Medical Coding as well. I think my favorite part about the program is the post-graduate services. I have had help with creating a resume as well as a list of employers willing to hire CS graduates! They literally provided everything I needed to get started and be able to work immediately after graduation!

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to regarding their school and online training program.

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