Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When Mommy Is Sick

Honestly? Nothing changes. Hubby worked this evening, so I get to take care of Fuss while I'm feeling miserable. At least it's only sinus and a sore throat. I have a sinus headache and am a little nauseated, but it could definitely be worse. So, tonight it looks like I'm going to be letting Fuss take over the television and watch anything she wants (within reason) as long as she's quiet. Hubby is home for the rest of the week starting tomorrow, so I hope that if I get worse it isn't until tomorrow and it is before he starts work again for the week.

I will be using my SinuClens pot tonight after Fuss goes to bed in the hopes that I can get some of this cleared out. Fingers are crossed that I am not fighting strep!

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