Monday, January 14, 2013

#MMM Joining the January #Fitness Rush

Hello, January Fitness Fiends! Hubby and I have decided to join the "New Year's Resolution" crowd and joined Planet Fitness this month. I am (somewhat) excited because I would love to have a nice, toned body again. I don't want my 20-year-old body back...maybe 25... I would, however, like to have less jiggle and a little more definition. Not necessarily a bikini body, but to look good and not have a muffin top! LOL. I'll have to post a photo of myself before I start working out. My current weight at 5'1" is 133. Hubby would be upset if I put his stats, so I'll tell you he is 6'1" and hates his weight. His goal is weight loss. Fingers crossed we'll be able to meet our goals and I will be able to keep from hurting my hernia in the process.

Wish us luck! And perseverance!

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