Monday, September 10, 2012

#MMM Now, I'm Annoyed

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Job was going great. Really, it still is. I got a raise and have been making very high marks on all my QA. The only problem is that now I am pretty much back to a single doctor. That doctor has 6 days off this month. In addition to that, the doctors don't work on Sunday, -5 days.  Then, they didn't work on Labor Day, -1 day. That makes a grand total of 12 days that I am without work! Thankfully, I have been asked 2 times already this week to help fill in with another doctor, but I am not sure how we're going to manage this. Our child care expense has gone up since Fuss is now going to the sitter 3 days instead of 2 a week. *sigh* I guess we will see what happens in the coming weeks. Hopefully, I am asked to consistently fill in.

Fuss goes to her first dance class this week. She is SO excited! I had her try on her leotard and she didn't want to take it off to go to bed! LOL. I am excited for her. I loved dance and I hope she will too. She also gets to do tumbling. Depending on how things go, she may end up in just tumbling down the line (she is definitely our little gymnast).

I also have to go to the dentist on Wednesday for a cleaning, but I have to take Fuss with me because she is still complaining of her teeth hurting. All of her 2-year molars are erupted, but it looks to me like she has an extra tooth coming in on the side of the last molar. She has a lot of inflammation and is saying her ears and teeth hurt. That is exactly what she said when she was teething in the first place! I took her to our pedi and all he said was "watch her and if she is uncomfortable give her medicine." First of all, I wouldn't have called him if I hadn't thought it was necessary. Secondly, that is not an answer! And third, I don't want my 2-year-old running around half-dazed because she is on pain killers all day! Our solution has been Hyland's Teething Tablets, Orajel, and THEN pain medicine if she continues to complain. And ONLY if she complains. I don't get it. She has inflammation and there are 6 points on this molar instead of 4, but all I am told is her ears are clear and to watch her? Sometimes doctors are irritating. Normally, he is one of the good doctors too. He even asked me if I was still breastfeeding (last appointment with him we were)! He is supportive of an extended/altered vaccination schedule as well. Most of the time, I love him. Last week he just pissed me off! I just hope my dentist can shed some light on the matter and get all of us some relief.

So, next week, we'll have an update on the teeth if I haven't posted about that sooner, and we will have an update about Fuss's dance class! I can't wait!


  1. Would your dentist be more help? Mine was much more helpful when Matthew had some teething issues and his 2 year molars errupting gave him a really sore, ulcerated area which I couldn't treat myself. The doc was not that helpful, my dentist was at least able to re-assure me and had a good look, and gave me some oral ointment to help with the sore areas. It does sound like she's got extra teeth coming. Hope you figure it out.

  2. That is my hope. I am taking her with me for my dentist to check her out. My fingers are crossed hoping that he doesn't say surgery or something like that though.

  3. Poor thing! I hardly ever take medicine myself, much less give it to the boys. It is my very last resort. Hopefully the dentist can be of more help. And hopefully it's just 4 year molars coming in early. I'm sorry to hear your work is being annoying. Praying for y'all all the way around! =)

  4. Just wanted to say Hi! I'm a new follower. Found you on the career step forums while i was browsing/wasting time/procrastinating. Fellow Career Step grad here working away as an MT! Just wanted to say good luck with Fuss and your job! I'll be following along! :)

  5. I'm just editing to add that I'm 99% sure I found you through Career Step! lol! I was just looking back at the posts and can't find the one I thought I found you on. So if I didn't find you through there, I apologize and am not crazy (most of the time! lol!) great blog though and look forward to reading more! :)