Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crappy Mom Here Too

After this ^ photo caused a HUGE debate on Life With Levi's Facebook Page, she wrote the awesome post about why she is a "crappy mom." This photo is meant to celebrate our differences and show how we're all STILL great moms to our kids because we love them! I personally, had a great response to the photo on my page and I hope that all the moms out there understand why I'm adding to this link-up.

Why I am a Crappy Mom

- I feed Fuss fruit loops and lucky charms for breakfast because I don't like to eat breakfast and hate cooking that early in the morning. 

- I have cussed in front of Fuss although I try to keep it to a minimum. She hasn't repeated me yet, but I am sure she will one day. 

- We have taught Fuss that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

- I was a SAHM for 2 years.

- I am now a WAHM and send Fuss to the sitter 3 days a week.

- I had an induction that ended in a C-Section.

- Fuss's favorite foods are chicken nuggets and fries with ranch, macaroni and cheese, and pizza.

- I wore Fuss.

- I use a stroller.

- I have a dog that often forgets Fuss is as small as she is and knocks her over.

- I let Fuss feed the dog.

- Fuss has eaten dog food.

- Some days we stay in jammies all day.

- There are days I wonder why I decided to have a baby in the first place...and then I am reminded.

- I do not vacuum daily...or even on a semi-regular basis. Mostly, whenever I find crumbs and can't stand tracking them all over the house.

- Laundry tends to sit in clean piles on my loveseat. If it is folded, it still stays on the loveseat because I don't want to put it away.

- Dishes sit in the sink for a day or two sometimes so I get enough to do a full load in the dishwasher.

- Fuss is in dance and tumbling.

- Fuss knows her letters, numbers to 25, colors, and most of her shapes. She can spell half her name.

- I breastfed for 15.5 months.

- I used disposables.

- I used cloth diapers.

- I used/use disposable wipes (even with cloth diapers).

I am sure there are DOZENS of other reasons why I am a crappy mom, but I am the perfect mom for my Fuss. If I had not been perfect for her, she would not have chosen our family to be a part of and be born into. We were blessed with our Fuss. She is a light to my world. And, yes, some days she is the bane of my existence, but that does not mean I don't still love her and cherish her. So, I am proud to be a crappy mom!

Feel free to comment below with why YOU are a crappy mom too!


  1. Wow! I have so many to add to the list so here goes: I am a crappy mom because my child has fallen down the whole set of steps, because we often skip breakfast, I let my child sleep in my bed, I have taught her that she has boobs, she knows her ABCs, she can count to 20, she can build puzzles, she loves to read books, she knows about our religion, she knows that babies grow in mommys tummy, she farts in public and I laugh! Ahhhh the list goes on!

  2. Right there with you. I'm still in my pj's, my kids only got out of theirs at lunchtime. We watched A Princess Diary all morning, and lazed around,because I'm tired, and dh was at a work meeting til 1pm. My house is a mess, and I've just despatched him to the park with them, with cookies and chips for a treat, so I can tidy (ahem, read blots and cruise FB and Twitter) in peace, for an hour! ;)
    We're all doing our best, in our own way. It's so sad when mothers cut each other down or attack each other, when really we need to support each other. I've been put off so many blots and forums because of this! :(

  3. i'm a crappy mom (not all the time i hope!) too... i have a 6-year-old son and have done most of the things stated above as well. Sometimes we sit for hours and play video games together because i like to play video games too is one that i would like to add.

    however, i also like to think of all the reasons that i'm not a crappy mom so the few (or many) crappy things i do are ok and even out with uncrappy things as long as everyone is healthy and happy. i'm pretty sure my family is! :)