Monday, September 3, 2012

#MMM Happy Labor Day!

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Enjoy to the Mania!  
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All is pretty calm around here so far this month. I have my first full-month paycheck coming in this week, which I am very excited about! I get to pay back the "loan" I took from our personal account to purchase necessary equipment before I was able to start working.  I have given in and gotten an ergonomic keyboard for myself as I was already starting to have wrist pain and hand numbness - both early signs of strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. I have been using the Logitech Wireless Wave MK550 for nearly 2 weeks and I am LOVING it! (No, I have not been reimbursed or given any type of compensation for this plug, I just really like it!) I haven't ever been comfortable using the split keyboards, so when I found the wave I decided to try it out. It even has a built-in cushy wrist rest. I had to still get used to a slightly different layout, but it wasn't bad at all. Plus, it comes with a wireless mouse too. 

Fuss is still up to her normal shenanigans. She now "reads" stories to us (in other words, she memorized them and repeats them looking at the pictures) and she can spell the first 4 letters of her 5-letter name! She loves watching her Signing Time DVD's and tries to sign along with them. We had done basic signs with her from 6 months on, but this is so great! I really hope to use them much more with (hopeful) #2!

We have begun our TTC journey now and, go figure, I end up with a horrible yeast infection! I have to be treated for a full week to make sure it is gone. I have also had to bleach ALL of my towels/washcloths and intend to do the same with all the underwear in the house...well, except Fuss's. lol. This is no fun at all. The worst part is that I have been dealing with the symptoms for over a month (maybe longer) and thought I had knocked it out. Apparently not. If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what we're going to do, but I seem to be a little better already. **Note: I have not had the "typical" YI symptoms. No itching. No burning. Just a little skin cracking. Go figure.**

 I really enjoy quiet weeks. The only problem is that I know it's usually the calm before the storm! We normally end up having all Hell break loose after a few quiet weeks. Oh well. 

Since today is Labor Day, don't forget to check out Fuss's Birth Story before you leave. It is quite wordy, but so much happened that I couldn't figure out how to comprehend it without all the words. 


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