Sunday, December 11, 2011

SmartiPants One Size Diaper Review

SmartiPants One-Size Diaper Review

I have been using the SmartiPants diaper in my cloth diaper rotation for about 2 weeks now. So far I really like it. It is designed to fit babies from 7 to 35 pounds, and fits my 23-pound Fuss quite well. The snaps are AWESOME! They are very, very strong and tough for little fingers to pry apart. Of course, this can also be a problem for Mommy given the short length of the tab past the snap. That is my only complaint with this diaper! I would like to have a little bit of “grip room” at the end of the tabs. There are also hip snaps to prevent "wing droop" when the little one is running around. The hip snaps even add an extra layer of protection to keep quick fingers from completely removing the diaper.
Next: The interior. This is an extremely soft stay-dry lining with an unusual pocket style for this type of diaper. The pocket opening is open on both ends! Why is that? It is to allow the insert to remain inside when soiled and then agitate out in the wash. I was skeptical about how well that would actually work, and was pleasantly surprised when it lived up to its claim! The other bonus to having an opening at both ends is that my husband, who wears a size 13 wedding band, was able to stuff the pocket by pushing it halfway through and finishing by pulling it through the other side. His hands are too wide to stuff most pocket diapers. Despite the fact that there is an opening at both ends, the pocket “center” actually covers the entire insert. This means none of the insert touching a sensitive bottom and causing irritation. It also doesn’t shift or bunch with physical activity.
The insert is microfiber (polyester-nylon blend according to It is soft and fluffy and VERY absorbent. I have no problem going 3-4 hours without a change while out and about and still have no leakage with this diaper insert. Overnight, I used 2 inserts and had NO leaks! The inserts seemed completely saturated, but when I took them out (I wanted to rinse them because of nighttime use) and rinsed them with my sprayer, they still HELD MORE! I am impressed! Fuss even woke up with a nice dry bum thanks to the layer of stay-dry material that the pocket is made out of.

Overall, the SmartiPants Pocket diaper is a very well-made and well thought out diaper. I would happily recommend this diaper to anyone looking to try an easy pocket diaper. Honestly, the most complicated part of this entire diaper would be the rise snaps which, as long as you pay attention to the row you're working on, aren't hard to master either!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave me your feedback! Here are a few "action shots" of my Fuss wearing her SmartiPants diaper!

 **Originally posted August 9, 2011 over on Bunny Berry Blog. Thanks to BunnyBuryBaby for providing me with this diaper to review!

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