Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is Over...

Now what? Time to relax and clean up the mess! I am currently sitting in a living room full of toys and clothing Fuss, Daddy, and I received for Christmas. I have a few of the clothes already put into the laundry to be washed, Fuss's clothes are being sorted and stored by size, and Daddy still has to make sure his fit!

Fuss, of course, made out like a bandit! She got a kitchen from "Santa", a big Clifford, Backpack (yes, the Dora one), a Dora flashlight, and a couple bows and random things from Mommy and Daddy. Books, clothes, and dishes/food to go with her kitchen from Mammy (my mom) and TT (my sister). Last, but not least, she got a Leap Frog Tag reader, a doll house, and a grocery cart from Grandmommy (Daddy's mom) and Paja (Daddy's Dad). She also had a few "pre-Christmas gifts" from my trip to see my Dad in November: A few outfits, stuffed cats/animals, books, and some recorded stories. This kid is wanting for NOTHING! LOL.

About 2 weeks ago, the 4WD went out on Daddy's truck. We ended up getting it fixed for $300 instead of $600-800, but it still wasn't a great time to have that happen. Of course, we STILL have no snow on the ground. However, if we'd waited, it would have snowed like crazy and we'd have been stuck. Life gets crazy sometimes, but it's well worth it!

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