Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Future Delicate Cleansing Gel Shower and Bath

I received several samples from Happy Future several weeks ago. One of which was the Delicate Cleansing Gel Shower and Bath. This cleanser is appropriate for both hair and body, which is always a plus in my book! It easily compares to the Johnson & Johnson Hair and Body cleanser. It produces a lot less bubbles/suds, however, it cleans as well if not better. I would compare the texture and color of the cleanser to honey. It's like a watered-down honey when you pour it out! Admittedly, I don't care for the smell right out of the bottle but it leaves behind no scent except that of a clean baby. This is probably one of the easiest rinsing cleansers I have used on Fuss as well. So far, the only downfall is that her hair tends to be a little more static-prone when I use the Happy Future as compared to any other shampoo. Not really a "flaw" per se, I just hate for her to have frizzy hair. Most products she has at least a small reaction to as either a slight rash or itching. Fuss had NO REACTION AT ALL to the HF products! I was amazed! I also tried out another of their products on myself (review to come) and I had no reaction! All-in-all, I would highly recommend this product line to anyone who has a super-sensitive baby. I think this would be great with eczema or similar skin conditions. (Fuss also has eczema, and I used the HF during an exacerbation to help calm her skin.)

A little more about the ingredients can be found HERE. A few notable things about Happy Future: -Made in France
-No Nut Oils
-Certified Organic
-USDA approved!

For the products I have used so far, I really love them! I am sure I'm not going to be disappointed with the rest of the product line!

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