Friday, December 30, 2011

Keepsake Baby Plate

I received this beautiful Keepsake Plate from Community Service Systems/Original Baby Plate to review. I LOVE the idea of the plate having all the "essential" information in one place for you: Name, birth date, time of birth, birth weight, and location. The craftsmanship on this plate is impeccable! It is porcelain and you can  have the text/photo done in either pink or blue. Who would have guessed, right? Personally, I think the blue is much more appealing.

My only hang-up about this purchase would be that there is no option to get a different mode of display. It comes with an attractive but very cheaply-made plastic stand. This wouldn't be a problem if you didn't have a CHILD in your home! I would prefer to see something more substantial, preferably a hanger, for use as a display. In all honesty, I have a 16-month-old who thinks she is a monkey! If I had this on a stand or table anywhere NEAR her, she would climb up and grab it (then proceed to fling it to the floor, enjoying the shattering sound as it hits). I understand the company's desire to save money. However, it would be nice to at least have an OPTION available to change the type of display stand you want: Plastic (no cost), Metal (maybe $1-2 more), and Hanging ($2 or so more).

I have considered ordering one for my Fuss (and any subsequent child, to be fair), but I don't have a place out of reach enough to put the plate on display to justify the $40 price tag at this time. I think the plate is adorable!! It just isn't very practical.

**Originally posted by me 8/14/11 at Bunny Berry Blog**

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