Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Twig Leave-In Conditioning Detangler

I received a sample of the Little Twig leave-in conditioning detangler a while back from Little Twig and Bunny Bury Baby. I have been pleased with their other products, so I was eager to try this one. Since I have very tangle-prone hair, I decided to test it myself instead of on Fuss. After all, her hair is barely long enough to put up in the first place! LOL.

 To test I used regular Suave shampoo without my normal conditioner. Since hair absorbs more when wet, I put a quarter sized drop of the LT on my hair, spreading evenly from tips to roots, immediately following my shower. I let it sit for approximately 5 minutes, then brushed my still-wet hair. With a little natural curl to my hair, it's hard to get a brush or detangling comb through my hair when it is wet. I had NO problems at all! My brush slid through my hair easily. I then proceeded to blow dry my hair and brush again. No tangles. I really LOVE this stuff! My hair was so soft and manageable after using this conditioner, even after sleeping!

Little Twig is organic and made with very light scents, so it's perfect for the sensitive one in your family. Click HERE to find out more about their list of ingredients. Oh, and for those who are curious, LT is certified cruelty free by PETA. Great for you and great for your furry friends!

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