Friday, June 15, 2012

#Review of Fred's Swim Academy Swimtrainer

photo from provided me with the Fred's Swim Academy Swimtrainer to review. I chose Stage 1 but could have used Stage 2 just as easily (they were out of Stage 2) for Fuss's weight range. She is around 30 pounds based on her weight at her 2-year checkup. The sizes range from 13 all the way to 80 pounds! There are 3 stages based on your child's weight and abilities:
  • Approximately 13-40 lbs
  • Helps a little one get comfortable in the water
  • Helps teach correct leg movements
SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Orange 
  • Approximately 33-65 lbs
  • Helps teach correct arm and leg movements
SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Yellow 
  • Approximately 45-80 lbs
  • Helps transition a child to swimming without any floatation device

Fuss in her Swimtrainer

Back View

In the Water

As you can see, it fits very well on her and is actually VERY adjustable due to the inflatable side supports. This is what makes this product unique as well. It is also easy to store. Just flatten it after deflation and fold it into the box again. (Sorry for the poor quality pictures. My camera was left at home and we were at a hotel for the weekend of Hubby's Grandma's funeral.)

Here, you can see the Swimtrainer in action! At first, Fuss was hesitant to wear it at all, but as soon as she jumped into the pool, the struggle was all forgotten! She LOVED it! My SIL was also there with 2 of her 3 kids, "The King" who is 7 and "Queen Elizabeth" who is 4. Of course, The King couldn't try it out for us...he is too big and already knows how to swim. However, Queen Elizabeth was at the upper end of the weight range (40 pounds)  for the Swimtrainer, so we decided to try it on her as well. Naturally, it was snug and the inner chambers needed to be deflated more than for Fuss. However, it fit and Q.E. was able to enjoy swimming in it as well!
Q.E. enjoying the swimtrainer.

The Swimtrainer is very durable and easy to put on with the "quick clip" in the back. The clip also has a clear protector over top to keep it from being accidentally unbuckled should your child happen to run into something (or another kid trying to undo it). Honestly, the clip is kind of hard to get open when you're struggling with a twisting toddler, but I'd rather have that than have it popping open all the time!

For Fuss, being able to have freedom in the pool was great. She swam for over an hour the first night. Then, when we went home and went to our local pool, she swam for almost 2 hours straight! She is really beginning to get the hang of kicking correctly and moves very quickly through the water. She now even tries to put it on herself! Since this one has worked out so well for us, I will probably be purchasing Step 2 by next summer to help her learn arm strokes more easily. The only caveat to this trainer is that if the kiddos happen to flip upside down, they can't right themselves. They are still head above water, but it is important to note. There is a reason that it tells you not to leave a child unattended (DUH!).

I want to thank for sending me this Swimtrainer to review! It will definitely be used for a long time to come! (Even passing it down to friends and a future baby is within the realm of possibility.)

P.S. Here is a video of Fuss's first time swimming in the Swimtrainer.

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