Saturday, June 23, 2012

#MMM Working Woman

I am now a working woman! Well, I will be as of July 2. I am SO excited about this! I only graduated officially 2.5 weeks ago and I already have secured a full-time position. That does mean, however, that Fuss will have to go to a sitter for at least a little while during the day. Fortunately, my next door neighbor is willing to take her for a while and it won't be too expensive.

This week was definitely one for the record books for crazy things happening. In one day, we had computer software issues (that took all day to fix), Beast got out of the underground fence and refused to come back in, AND our air conditioner stopped working on a 70+ degree night! We were extremely lucky to find a repairman for the A/C willing to come out on short notice. He came out before lunch time Friday morning. Plus, it was an easy fix of simply adding coolant to the system.

Operation New Home is just starting to get underway as well. We aren't quite sure what area we will be interested in yet as some other developments have come up recently that I can't discuss yet, but it is exciting nonetheless.

I think that's it for this Manic Mommy Monday!

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