Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who has supported me through good times and bad. We have had many trials throughout our lives together, but we always come through the other side stronger than ever. I am so glad that he is Fuss's Daddy. I know I couldn't have asked for a better man to be her role model for what a husband and Daddy should be.

I am also lucky enough to have my own Dad (whom Fuss has recently started calling "Poppa"), a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He entered the Army at 18 because working 2, sometimes 3, jobs wasn't enough to provide for his daughter. He and my mom split, but he left for the Army to take care of me in the best way he knew how. He and I haven't had the best relationship in the past. Many outside forces were involved in that, but we are now working on being closer and have really bonded since the birth of Fuss.

I have my Step-Dad, an oil rig worker. He and Mom have only been married 4 years, but he fits our craziness well! LOL. He loves Fuss as much as if she were his own and he takes care of Mom through all the insanity. Fuss loves her "Papaw" and talks about him constantly...when he's not around. Anytime he's near, she clams up! She loves to tease him and picks relentlessly, even if he sometimes doesn't get it and thinks she is afraid of him.

And, finally, there's my father-in-law. A little crazy in his own right, but he accepted me into his own family with open arms and has always treated me like one of the family. Fuss definitely enjoys her time spent with "Paja" despite her shyness with him. He definitely has a special place in his heart for our little Fuss.

We are so lucky that we have all these wonderful people in our lives every day. Not to mention, all our grandfathers and even our friends. So many wonderful role models for us to emulate. I can only hope Fuss sees the love that each one of these people has for her and is able to appreciate it as she grows up. 

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