Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Have a Tooth!

Fuss has been screaming all day about even the tiniest things, but we FINALLY have the tip of tooth #15 through! Of course, she's still telling me  her teeth hurt and cuddling because she doesn't feel well but at least we're getting there. Only 5 more to go now! Four of those are molars, so I'm not sure if the worst is over or not! Right now she is sleeping peacefully and I plan on attempting to relax a bit. (On top of Fuss being cranky and clingy, Mother Nature decided to throw her hat in the ring too. Blech.)

Good evening everyone and have a quiet night.


  1. a tooth! We had such different rates of teeth erruption in this house I would never believ they were all kids from the same family!

  2. I only have the one child, so I have no others to compare to.