Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Future Wipe Liniment Review

I received this sample from Happy Future to review as part of a sampler package. Since Fuss has been starting to PL, we have been staying away from cloth wipes in favor of toilet paper and disposable wipes. However, she recently had a few days where she didn't want to use the potty at all. No problemo!

Then, she decided apple juice was her drink of choice for the day. I knew better, but in order to keep the peace I gave her 4 (sippy) cups of apple juice. Oh, dear... LOL. The following day, Fuss pooped SOOOOOOO many times we could barely get a clean diaper on her before she filled it again! I ended up using her cloth wipes with the stickiest poop with the Liniment on them. It worked really well!

The liniment is the consistency of runny lotion. This actually makes it really great for squirting on the wipe before wiping baby's bottom. You can also squirt it directly on baby to loosen super stuck "stuff." I used both methods depending on my needs at the time. The liniment is also a great protectant! It coats the skin very lightly with the natural oils it is made from. I think it would make a great nail/cuticle conditioner! LOL. Fuss had no reaction to this liniment, nor did she mind when I put it on her directly. As opposed to sprays, she didn't seem to notice this on her. Sometimes when I spray her she will jump and giggle as the spray hits her. The liniment at least kept her in one place on the changing table.

Also, as with all Happy Future products, the liniment is certified organic!

I'm very glad I had the opportunity to review this product for BunnyBerry and Happy Future! Do you have any questions or concerns I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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