Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sprout Soup #clothdiaper store in Columbus Ohio

Anyone in the Columbus area? I have recently discovered this little cloth diaper and baby wearing shop in Columbus, OH called Sprout Soup. I perused the site for a little bit and found some really great products. They have such a great variety! They have everything from high chairs to cloth diapers and baby carriers. One of my favorites is the EllaRoo Woven Wrap in the Limona colorway. I have yet to be able to purchase a "good" woven wrap for myself, though. I have used a home made "Moby style" wrap that I really loved until Fuss was over 20 pounds. At that time, I switched to a Mei Tai. I'm really thinking I would prefer the wraps over the MT.

Sprout Soup also has a great section for Sloomb wool covers and wool wash! I just won a wool cover, so I definitely will have to order soon!

Head on over to Sprout Soup and let me know what your favorite product is that they carry or just a certain item you would like to try.

**Published in the hopes of becoming the Sprout Soup featured blogger for 2014. Thanks for your support!**

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