Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fuss's First Sleepover!

I'm so excited to say that Fuss had her first sleepover with Princess and Charlie in preparation for my delivery. If I happen to go all the way to my due date (HA!) then my MIL will be with my SIL in Aruba for a week and won't be available to come grab Fuss at the drop of a hat. The day I was crying to Blondie about this, because that is what we hormonal pregnant women do, Blondie volunteered that she and Dagwood could watch Fuss for me...and since they have car seats, they can even come grab her at the hospital in the middle of the night if necessary. That was a HUGE relief, however, Fuss has always had a hard time sleeping away from home. It didn't matter if she was staying with my mom or my MIL, she would start screaming around bedtime and scream for an hour nonstop! She had never stayed with anyone who wasn't family. So, we decided to give it a shot this weekend.

I feel like I had 1,000 pounds lifted from my shoulders! Fuss stayed ALL NIGHT and only fussed a little tiny bit! She did wake up once when Charlie started snoring and Blondie was able to sing her favorite lullaby and put her at ease enough for Fuss to go back to sleep! She even woke up at 8:00 which is her normal time!

We also are going to try letting her stay with Farmer and Farmer's Wife and their 2 boys (almost 5, and 3) since they live literally 5 minutes from the hospital I plan to deliver at. If things go as well as they did with Blondie, then Hubby and I have (at minimum) 2 other options for Fuss when I do go into labor.

Naturally, there is always my Mom and I plan to have her on-call too. The problem with her is that she lives the farthest away of all. :( It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get from her house to ours. Besides, I figure my mom will want to be in the delivery room with me anyway.

Things are coming together slowly for everything else. And Blondie and Farmer's Wife are throwing a Baby Sprinkle for me on November 9th which I am really excited about!

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