Monday, September 16, 2013

#BoyOHBoy #Bloghop Event is scheduled!

I have started getting my sponsors lined up and I have quite a few items already in my possession for the reviews (and giveaways!) to come! I have a couple other bloggers already getting geared up to add a thing or two while we're at it as well. :) 

This event will start whenever baby boy decides to make his grand entrance and Fuss loses her singleton status. I am still working on securing more sponsors, so if you know someone you'd like to see featured, please comment with their name/page below. WAHM's welcome!! 

So far we have diapers, Daddy Scrubs, a Push Pack, and even matching T's for Fuss and baby brother. :) 

Check back frequently for updates!  I hope to have a full list of sponsors up by November 1st!

If you are a blogger interested in participating, please email me

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