Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday!

Manic Mommy Monday!

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Today is definitely going to be a manic one for me. As you already know, we started Potty Training yesterday. It went EXTREMELY well! We had 2 accidents ALL DAY! Fuss also asked me several times while at home and 2 times while at the funeral home for my friend's grandmother to go potty - all on her own! :-D I am so very proud of her. Granted, this took several times of me sitting on the floor of our bathroom waiting her out as she wanted to play with the toilet paper or kick her feet, but I took her to the bathroom every half hour. By the end of the day, she would hop off the toilet clapping and yelling, "Yay, M!" (M is her first initial but she would say her name.) She got to tell Daddy on the phone that she went potty all day. She even refused to be put in a diaper for bed! Thankfully, I have some waterproof covers that I threw on over her undies for safety's sake. I don't expect it to hold in all the pee if she goes, but at least she won't gush everywhere. All this happened while having to do grocery shopping as well as a trip to the funeral home, so she's done quite well.

Today, we're probably going to "Grandma's" (friend's) funeral, then a viewing for a very old friend of both my family and hubby's family, and finally *hopefully* dinner with my Mom and Sister. I will also be needing to attend the funeral of the family friend - who, literally, watched both myself and my husband grow up - on Tuesday. This is going to be one chaotic week! Manic Monday certainly gets it started out right. Now, let's hope I can manage to keep Fuss on track with her PL'ing through all this tomorrow PLUS continue getting her adjusted to the DST.


  1. This is a HUGE thing for you! Congrats!

  2. Yay for potty training! She is doing great. We aren't even close to starting, but Wolf Prince is only 16 months. I figure if he doesn't even care when his diaper is wet, he's not ready.

    1. Just let him decide. You can't force things like that. When he's ready, he will let you know! :) My friend has a little boy and he's only 2 months younger than Fuss...he's not ready yet either! His sister trained later though, too.