Friday, November 18, 2011

Kidorable Umbrella Review

I received the Kidorable Ladybug Umbrella the day before Halloween. We haven't had much rainy weather since I received it, though. Instead, it has become a fun toy for Fuss. She has used it as a walking stick, pulled the Velco closure apart, attempted to pull the umbrella open via the tips, and stood on top of it! After all that abuse, it still looks great and functions wonderfully!

Fuss loves that it is colorful and interesting. She doesn't really "get" that it has an actual purpose yet. I'm sure that when she realizes what it's used for, she will love it even more and love playing in the puddles with it held high over her head (just like Mommy used to)!
Interior with the Push-button release

My favorite features of this umbrella are: 1. Durability. As I stated above, Fuss has already put this thing through the wringer! She has proven the toughness of the Kidorable brand in my eyes.
2. Stitching. The tips of the fabric are sewn into the centers of the end-caps, making the thread invisible. This also makes it more durable in the long run since the threads won't fray or wear from normal use.
3. Color. The colors are very bright. There are dozens of designs to choose from, as well as matching raincoats, hats, and boots! Can't get much better than that!
4. The mechanism is push-button, but concealed. You have to open the umbrella partway to see the opening mechanism. This is a little push-button that you use to release and slide. The fact that it is hidden (sort of) keeps accidental openings down. 

Overall, I'd give this umbrella a solid 9. It might make a 10 when Fuss figures out how to really "use" it, but until then we'll stick with a rating of 9.

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