Monday, November 14, 2011

The Annoyance of Online School

You would think that being a SAHM would make it really easy to do online classes. The sad fact is that unless you are willing to plop your child in front of the TV all day whilst doing school work, it's NOT easy! For some reason, no one seems to understand that fact. I have been able to complete a lot of my course work due solely to the fact of having family to help me by babysitting Fuss for a few hours here and there. The rest of the work I complete after she goes to bed. Why is it that she can be playing with her doll or her stuffed Clifford happily for hours while I sit and stare blankly into space, but as soon as I choose to do homework Fuss DEMANDS my attention and refuses to leave me alone? If only my mind worked like a toddler's I would understand.

Then, add to this the fact that every time I really get on a roll and get a good rhythm going the stupid course refuses to let me go forward! WTF!? I mean, I am literally working my butt off to get this course finished before the deadline but then they stop me!? I don't get it. One day I will be finished with these stupid classes and I will be certified as a medical transcriptionist! It may be another 6 months from now, but as long as I get it done and can still work from home and raise my daughter in the way I see fit, then it will all be worth it.

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