Monday, November 26, 2012

#MMM Taking a Short Hiatus

I, sadly, have to step away from blogging for a bit to focus on my own health. I am currently in a splint for my broken ring finger and I (finally) haven an appointment set up with the surgeon for December 7. I am hoping I won't need surgery, but we shall see. I have a review to post for an awesome holiday gift for a new dad or dad-to-be and I have a guest post lined up as well.

Enjoy the Mania! I will update when I can and I hope to be back to "normal" soon!

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  1. Poor you! That sounds so PAINFUL! I hope you don't need surgery. I had some hand surgery done in 2005 to remove some deeply imbedded glass that had got infected (I opened a vial of adrenaline during a broncoscopy I was assisting with, and it shattered and cut me badly, was a defective batch) hand surgery is no picnic, NOT what a busy Mama needs. :(