Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Fuss is officially potty-trained now! We have been letting her give us cues from the time she was 15 months, when she first showed interest. "Official" potty training began at about 18 months, full-on was by 20 months, and she was doing very well by her 2nd birthday. So, why am I just now claiming success? She's had accidents. Fewer each week, but accidents nonetheless. She started out with a couple a day and lessened over time to a few a week, especially at night, until there were almost none.

As of today, we have had over a week with only 1 day with accidents (and that was 2 accidents). Of course, every time I have tried to write this, Fuss has decided to have an accident day. lol. She hasn't had an overnight accident in about a week and a half!  24 months and Fuss has been out of diapers for almost 5 months! *Happy Dance*

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