Monday, May 21, 2012

#MMM Results are In

Manic Mommy Monday!

I'm joining in on a blog hop with The Gnome's Mom to share a little bit about the life I lead here. The Gnome's Mom is one of my favorite blogs to read and follow on a regular basis as well. If you're a blogger and would like to link up, feel free! And add us on Twitter with the hashtag #MMM

I received my test results today. I am officially a graduate! I passed my  test with a 97% on objective/medical knowledge and an 86% on the actual transcriptions! I plan to retake the final and try to increase my score, but I am SO excited! Fuss and I even celebrated with ice cream today. :)

In other news, I have planted my herbs and 2 tomato plants and hope that everything comes up. I don't seem to have quite the green thumb that I used to have. Fuss and I have been relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. She even helped me plant some seeds and trim the hedges.

Yesterday, we went to PA to visit another friend and her 2-year-old for her birthday party. Fuss had so much fun and neither of the girls wanted to leave! I ended up home around 10:30 last night because we stayed way later than planned. Oh well, it was a good time. We hope to go back up soon. Maybe a trip to the zoo or Carnegie Science Center sometime soon.

It's been pretty quiet around our house lately. I figure that will change soon enough! LOL. Don't forget to check out the other blogs in the hop and share some love! (P.S. Fuss has recently started calling me "Fussy Mommy". lol)

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