Monday, April 2, 2012

#MMM Time for Renewal

Manic Mommy Monday!

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Many of you who have been reading the blog for a while know that we have had quite a few funerals lately. Fuss, Daddy, and I actually went to another one Saturday. I received word from my dad at around 12:45 p.m. on Sunday that my step-mom's grandmother just passed away. This brings the current count up to 5 (plus one from a guy hubby works with) for us in 1 month. Hubby's grandmother also just fractured her femur. We aren't sure how bad that is yet, though. I have spent sooooo much money on flowers in the last month it's ridiculous! I think I'm going to start donating to a charity instead of spending money on flowers. At least I do buy dish gardens that can be saved and live for as long as they are cared for. :-/

My original idea for this week's post was to talk about my movie date with Hubby to see The Hunger Games. Instead, I find myself thinking about life and death. The cycles of renewal that come with each season in nature and in our lives. With each death, there is more room for new life and a new beginning. That can be spiritually or physically but it comes when we least expect it.

We took Fuss to the funeral homes with us. We feel that it's important for her to understand the process. Is she still a little young? Yes. But the earlier I get her used to the idea of going, the easier it will be to explain things when she finally asks. Okay. Enough for now. I hope to have a lot more fun posts up soon. With summer coming, we should be having a lot of great times ahead.

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  1. I'm sorry you have had to go to so many funerals lately! We also bring our daughter to funerals as well. Last year, John's dad died in a motorcycle accident and she sat front row with us the entire time.

    How weird that you post this today, just the other night John and I were discussing if something were to happen to us (more like arguing) what would happen. It all came up because his best friends mom had a brain aneurism and will be in the hospital for awhile. Now, I have a book that just needs to be filled out of what we want to happen should something happen to us, but it still isn't filled out because I have dreaded the conversation with him. I actually hate most of his family - horrible I know, but they aren't good people. We were debating who would be our second choice if something were to happen to us. We know who our first would be, but the second raises all types of questions and concerns that we can't seem to discuss before he gets offended. It's a really hard subject to talk about, but definitely something that every parent should discuss. I hope the rest of your summer goes funeral free!