Monday, April 30, 2012

#MMM Birth Control

Manic Mommy Monday!

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You read that right! I got to take birth control powder instead of pills, not once, but TWICE this month! I wasn't worried about it the first time. Figured I just didn't notice and the blister pack was broken (perhaps Fuss stepped on it or something weird happened).  When the second one came up, I knew I wasn't crazy and I saw the intact blister pack on that one! "WTF" is about all that went through my head. So I snapped a picture. Hubs and I discussed and figured I should call the pharmacy.

I called first thing the following morning (as I take my pills at night to make it easier to take them on time) and left a message. In the meantime, I decided to look at the remainder of my pill pack to see if there were any more "broken" pills. Wouldn't you know it?

Proof that I wasn't completely insane! Here is a pill that looked perfectly intact from the top view, but was obviously NOT. I get the call back from the pharmacist. She says bring the pill pack in and she will replace it. Thankfully, I'm on a "mini" pill because my body rejects synthetic estrogens, so it doesn't matter what day I start the next pack...they are all the same. The other problem with that is that these are very dependent on being the correct dosage at the correct time to be effective. We've been using these for over a year with no problems. However, this little "manufacturing error" as the pharmacist called it, could make life very interesting. *sigh* The pharmacist even pointed out, "I've used birth control for YEARS and have NEVER had this happen! Plus I've never SEEN it happen. You must be the one in..." whatever number because she trailed off and didn't finish her sentence.

I don't know where this will lead us, if anywhere, but wherever we do end up I know it was meant to be. Gotta love this "crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life." (From Darryl Worley's Awful Beautiful Life)

So, there you have it. My Manic Monday for this week as I (im)patiently wait to see what lies ahead of us.

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