Sunday, December 22, 2013

NoseFrida The Snotsucker #Review from Thanks Mama

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For this review, I will spare you the pictures of the product in use! LOL. Instead, I will show you how the NoseFrida looks right out of the box (below).
 I had the opportunity to use this on Fuss as she was having a tough time with her allergies for a couple weeks when the weather changed...and changed....and changed. She woke up one morning particularly congested and instead of reaching for her allergy medication, I grabbed this admittedly unusual item that Thanks Mama sent me for review.

So, I pulled the NoseFrida out of the box and read the instructions. It consists of 3 parts. The aspirator tube, the collection tube, and the filter. You take the collection end (blue part) with a filter in place and put the end in the child's nose. Then you take the aspiration tube and suck air in, therefore suctioning out the snot. The filter prevents anything from being pulled up into the tube - and inadvertently into your mouth.

I was immediately able to get quite a large amount of snot out of Fuss's nose with the first use. The only problem I had with it was dealing with the sound it makes. The sound alone was enough to make me gag, but I gag sometimes when helping her blow her nose! I will definitely be using this for the new baby instead of the bulb-style suction. After all, I can EASILY clean the NoseFrida with warm water and a little soap. Plus, it is clear so I can be sure it is clean and mold-free before use. The suction bulbs are well-known for growing mold after just a use or two. Check out the NoseFrida and other Health & Safety items Thanks Mama has available!

I sincerely thank Thanks Mama for the opportunity to review this and the other items and I hope you will head over and thank them as well!

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