Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags #Review Courtesy Thanks Mama

 My second item from Thanks Mama are these great Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags. I was actually able to wash these in the washing machine along with my kitchen towels and they held up without a problem. They are also better than the other brand of snack bags that I have with Velcro closure since these have zippers. First, they are much more secure than the ones with Velcro closures because the Velcro tops just fold over allowing smaller snacks (like Cheerios) to spill out the corners. Second, they actually hold slightly more than the Velcro closures, again because of the fold-over top versus a zipper.
Fuss was very excited to get these and they arrived just at the right time as my baby shower was November 9th and then we had countless doctor's appointments between then and Baby's birth. Fuss was able to take a snack bag full of her "honey nut toasted O's" (LOL) with her whenever she wanted. Some days that included traveling around the house or sitting in her little recliner. 

The Bumkins Snack Bag is made very durably and has withstood a toddler dragging them to Kingdom Come and back again as well as being taken to a party with multiple toddlers around her age. I think at one point they were using it as a football and it didn't tear around the seams or at the zipper! These are definitely going to come in handy for when Baby Boy gets old enough to eat small snack foods as I will be able to carry them around in the snack bags and not have to have those bulky canisters with me all the time. 
Above, Fuss modeling her Cat in the Hat Snack Bag. lol. For more information on Thanks Mama, and their other great Feeding supplies please read below and be sure to stop by their site and follow on their social media accounts for more chances to win great prizes!
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