Sunday, August 25, 2013

Don't Eat the Toothpaste!

Yes, I actually said this this morning. Fuss has decided that she likes brushing her own teeth. I don't mind. Really. The problem is that since she doesn't want us in the bathroom with her, she can get into eating toothpaste. Hubby is at least partially to blame on this one though. He started her new-found ability to put toothpaste on a toothbrush and brush her own teeth. It is usually helpful, though.

That brings me to my next thought of the day: WHAT am I going to do with 2 children!? Some days (especially recently) I feel like I can barely keep up with Fuss. So, how am I going to manage when #2 makes his appearance? I am currently working on Fuss picking up and keeping her/baby's room neat, so that should be a little help. She has been potty-trained for almost 2 years now, so that's not a concern. But what about everything else? The times when she needs something and I'm nursing the little one and can't get to her? Fuss has the shortest span of patience I have ever seen! (We have been trying to work on that too, but it isn't going so well.) My MIL has suggested we read books to her while I'm nursing and I'm hoping that will help some.

Then, what about me? Am I going to have enough patience to survive the 2. Will I have the energy to keep up with them? And, mostly, will I be able to function with my Bipolar?

Of course, these are questions that will eventually answer themselves. I really have no control over the Bipolar, but I am working on the rest of it and I hope to be able to say "YES! I can handle this!" sometime in the near future. As I enter my third trimester, I have a few fears about how we will manage in a 2-bedroom house and just manage life in general.

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