Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ABCmouse.com #Review

I contacted Jill from ABCmouse.com a few weeks ago in the hopes that I would be able to let Fuss have something new to try while we were on either of our trips (California and New York) this month. While we were in Cali, we weren't able to spend much time on the computer, however, she played a little bit. When we returned home I found a great way to entertain Fuss while my sitter is out of town and I still had to work!

ABCmouse.com has this really great section on teaching basic computer mouse movements! Fuss is only 3-1/2, so she still doesn't quite have the hang of using the actual mouse. She does, however, LOVE her Daddy's touch screen computer! This makes it really easy for me to pop on my headphones, listen to dictations, and type all while still keeping an eye on her (sitting just a few feet away). Fuss could literally spend HOURS on this site if I let her! She is on Level 1 of Pre-K and each level is tailored to build upon each lesson.
Step-by-Step Learning path

Below, is a screen shot showing the parent's area where you can monitor your child's progress and add multiple children as well. Fuss hasn't yet managed much actual progress on the lessons, but she adores the colorful and fun games.
As you can see, the site is fully customizable to your child and their interests. Fuss loves learning with the music and fun alphabet songs. She has also started tracing letters with her fingers on the screen. I think her favorite part is when she receives tickets (yes, they actually fall down the screen from a "dispenser" into a basket at the bottom) for completing the requested activities. She will literally yell, "Mommy, I got a ticket!! Yay!" as she is bouncing up and down in the chair. She also counts them as they drop! Even better? She can buy things with her tickets such as dresses for her avatar or fish for the fish tank.

I am so glad I was able to do this review and am pleased to say that I am also giving away a 1-year membership to ABCmouse.com as well thanks to Jill! I definitely plan on keeping up with this site, especially since Fuss now asks, "Can I play ABCmouse.com?" on an almost-daily basis! I think that, alone, speaks for itself!

Please go HERE to enter the giveaway and be sure to check out the site and "Like" ABCmouse on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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