Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Car!

I'm VERY excited that Hubby and I were able to purchase a "new" car this weekend. It's a 2012 with 45k miles, but I don't mind that. I will most likely keep it for 7-10 years anyway. My last car was a '99 and I bought it in 2002! My excitement of the new purchase is tempered somewhat by a crappy post-sale experience involving an owner's manual. I have a complaint in to Ford because of it and I really hope to get this situation resolved without having to be nasty with either the dealer or the company because I am IN LOVE with my new car!

It is a Ford Escape and a major change from my Mercury Sable. I'm glad though. I wanted up higher and to still have cargo space. I have both! Bonus features we scored include a back-up camera and auto-park. I haven't tried this feature out yet. I don't have any reason to yet. In any event, I will be blogging about my experience (whether it turns out for better or worse) once I see if I can get it resolved. I really hate to say anything bad if it is unwarranted.

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