Monday, January 20, 2014

Bamboobies Nursing Pads #Review and #Giveaway

Even though the button isn't updated (and I, personally, have NO CLUE how to make a new one), I'm just going to use the same one. My first item for review and giveaway was sent to me by Bamboobies. I received the nursing pads Sample Pack that includes both daytime/regular and nighttime nursing pads.

They each have a leak-proof backing which helps prevent those embarrassing milk spots on your shirt that tend to happen after your baby cries (or any baby for that matter!) and milk lets down. I have a heavy let down and will often soak through nursing pads. I started wearing the regular nursing pads while I was still pregnant for Popeye as I was having enough leakage to spot my bra. During that time, my only complaint about the pads was that they would slip out of my regular bra. LOL. After switching to a nursing bra, however, that problem remedied itself due to the design of the nursing bra.

The first thing you'll notice about these nursing pads is that the regular pads are heart-shaped. Why? It makes them less noticeable than regular rounded pads. They are also pink which helps them to blend in better with flesh tones for when you are wearing a lighter shirt. Plus, these are VERY thin. In my estimation, they are about 1/2 the thickness of a "normal" nursing pad. Even the overnight Bamboobies are a bit thinner than a normal nursing pad.

Compared to a "normal" nursing pad, these are made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo rayon velour. The inside of the pad is SO soft! They feel great and the design of the fabric inner helps to prevent sticking, which is awesome! The backing is also very pliable and soft unlike a lot of waterproof material.

The regular Bamboobies are approximately the same size as a normal nursing pad in diameter as you can see in the following picture (right). The shape and thickness are the biggest differences here. I found the absorbency to be very good as long as I changed them out about halfway through the day unless I was having a light-for-me leakage day. Like I said before, I leak A LOT and have an overactive let down, so it is very hard to keep up with me.

 The overnights, however, are AMAZING! I actually use them during the day and have great results with prevention of leaks. The overnights are a bit larger than the store-bought reusable nursing pads that I have but the combination of bamboo and cotton really helps these keep you more dry. Obviously, the store-bought ones don't have a waterproof layer to hold anything in either which causes wicking into your bra. That problem doesn't happen with Bamboobies.

I would definitely recommend these nursing pads to my friends and family. These are wonderful for the end of pregnancy leakage that comes along as well as being able to be used throughout the nursing journey and into weaning.

Would you like your very own set of Bamboobies? Keep your eyes on their FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Blog for further opportunities to win and enter below!

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