Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Packing the Hospital Bag and Push Pack #Review

 So, as you know, I have been fighting with preterm contractions/labor. I have yet to actually PACK my hospital bag, but I do have a little helper on my side this time around! I purchased a Push Pack a few weeks ago in the hopes of making life just a little less hectic when it came time to pack.

When it arrived, it was wrapped in pretty purple paper and had several coupons tucked inside the box with it.

Here it is after I opened it up and laid out everything that came in it...which wasn't an easy task as I had Fuss trying to grab everything and take off with it! lol.

It contains just about everything you need! There is shampoo, toothpaste, travel toothbrush, a comb, razor, and even gum and a Luna bar for a snack! Not to mention there is lip balm, breast pads and menstrual pads, but also 3 pairs of mesh undies.

One of my favorite features is that it comes with a little note pad (to write down questions for the doctor) AND Thank you cards and a pen! After Fuss was born I had a hard time keeping track of pens, or even tracking one down in the first place, when needed. The thank you cards definitely will come in handy for those gifts people bring with them to the hospital when they come to meet the new arrival. And, yes, there WILL be gifts! Or at least flowers. I swear, I left the hospital with twice as much stuff as I arrived with!

I have thrown Hubby's Daddy Scrubs in my bag in case he has to stay overnight as well. He will be able to wear them for delivery as well as something comfy during his stay at the hospital. I know that I have 90% of everything I need, but this awesome list from Push Pack is definitely a helpful reminder! For example, I had almost forgotten I needed to pack a nursing bra! As you can see, I have Baby's outfit(s) as well as a shirt for me to wear on the way home and my Bamboobies. The one thing not in the picture that you DON'T want to forget is the BABY BOOK!!! It is now in my bag and the bag is by the door ready and waiting.

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