Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's A.....

We are so very excited to be adding a little brother to our family! Fuss is beyond thrilled. Of course, she told the ultrasound tech that she was having a "baby brudder" before the anatomy scan even started. So, the Intelligender test I took back in May was correct! :-D That means, for us, we have 100% accuracy with Intelligender. (I'm not saying it works for everyone, just happened to work for me.) After having Mamaw pass away on July 23, it was wonderful to have the good news that Baby was growing and perfect that Friday, July 26. On one of the hardest days of my life, I had the reassurance that one ending is just another beginning. Life continues despite death.
Hello from #2!

Next, comes the issue of finding a new house since we only have a 2-bedroom. This is going to be VERY interesting, especially if we find a home before December (due date is December 7th). I'm already limited for what weight I can carry due to a small umbilical hernia. I also have symphysis pubis dysfunction which means that too much activity and my hips hurt for DAYS afterwards due to too much elasticity in my tendons. At least I have a support belt to help some. I just have to remember my limits a little bit better. 

I purchased #2's baby book today and need to start filling in the early details like when we found out we were pregnant and all that. It is so hard to think that Fuss's baby book is almost complete and we are starting a new one. Fuss's will be done when she turns 5 and goes to school. She will be 4 in April. I can hardly believe where the time went! And despite the low blood pressure and minor complications we have had, this pregnancy is already past the halfway point! I will be 22 weeks on Saturday! Since Fuss was born at 36 weeks, we may be WAY past the halfway mark. LOL. My goal is a VBAC, and so far we are looking up. I do have a low-lying placenta according to the ultrasound. Bonus: I get another ultrasound and another chance to see our boy! The midwife in my OB's practice (there are 2) told me that usually the placenta moves, so no need to worry just yet. 

Okay, I'm rambling, so I'm just going to stop here and try to update again soon!

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  1. ugh... I had SPD too! Be sure that with your Vbac that your nurses and EVERYONE knows what is going on and DOES NOT force your legs back. It can cause permanent damage if they do. Praying all goes well for you!! YAY FOR BOYS!!! :) (I have two boys. They're so crazy and so much fun.)